Artist talk of Jaime Idea (aka Jaime Iglehart)


Art Prospect residency


We are happy to presen you our artist in residence Jamie Iglehart. Jaime's current artistic practice focuses on immersive experiments and investigations into psychometry and community psychology. She is also interested in horizontally organized volunteer run spaces and the economy of solidarity and sharing. In her previous work focused on playful installations, educational environments, documentary, and performance, Jaime created de-skilled, social and experimental projects, involving ‘play,’ utopian fantasy, and highly personal iconography.
Jaime works within a variety of disciplines including film-making, performance, sculpture, and educational platforms which democratize learning such as free schools.  She is currently a professor of Visual Narrative in the Digital Design Department at CUNY Hostos.

We are happy to invite you to the artist talk of Jaime Idea (aka Jaime Iglehart) – our ArtProspect artist in residency supported by CEC ArtsLink .

July 1st, 6 p.m.

Jaime Idea (Patterns, artistic talk)

Kastanienallee 40, 10119, Berlin, Mitt - MADAMEZORRO venue

Jaime will be presenting two works produced while on her residency in Berlin, hosted by Ambasada Kultury for the month of June.

The first artwork is Berlin Free Spaces, an online tool that maps a diversity of kinds of spaces throughout Berlin which offer free and donation based resources. This map is intended to be useful for those who wish or have the need to be engaged in the donation based economy here in Berlin. It is also meant as a way to help people find and support spaces which operate with an ethos of solidarity and mutual aide.

The second work Jaime will present is a publication of interviews with Free Spaces from radically different contexts and struggles. Thanks to the support of CEC  ArtsLink, Jaime was able to devote time and labor to developing this publication of interviews gathered over several years. The publication includes interviews with individuals organizing free spaces in New York, Texas, Catalonia, Belarus, Ukraine, France and other places.

Over the course of her residency in Berlin, Jaime was able to meet and interview several Belarusian cultural workers. Through these conversations, the idea of comparing notes and sharing the realities of struggle in building community became a clear point of urgency. It is with this spirit of exchange that Jaime wishes to offer this text.

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