Institut für Alles Mögliche
a new partner
of the PerspAKTIV


Berlin, Germany

The project PerspAKTIV is thrilled to announce a new partnership with the renowned Institut für Alles Mögliche.

This institution is a hub for contemporary art, pushing boundaries through experimental and often playful projects. It’s not just a space but an evolving organism that challenges conventional views of art spaces and project exhibitions.

The Institut is committed to carving out non-commercial spaces within the urban landscape, fostering artistic collaboration, collective learning, and cohabitation. They stand as a beacon against the commodification of art, the pressures of artistic production, and the standardization that often shadows the art world.


︎ Non-commercial, non-market-oriented projects.

︎ A platform for artistic practices and expressions beyond the typical art fairs and galleries.

︎ A focus on experimental setups, unfinished concepts, and playful approaches, even if they lead to uncanny or spectacularly failed outcomes.

Their events, usually no longer than three days, are filled with energy and innovation, offering a stage for artists to experiment and bring their unique visions to life.

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