Nadzeya Sheibak in PerspAKTIV


Instytut Grotowskiego, Wrocław, Poland

Nadzeya Sheibak —  the newest resident artist at Instytut Grotowskiego, joining PerspAKTIV with an impressive background in theatre encompassing acting, directing, and vocal performance.

Nadzeya’s artistic journey has been shaped by her pursuit of creative expression amidst political upheaval in Belarus. Forced to emigrate due to the political climate, she found refuge in Warsaw, Poland, where she immersed herself in independent theatre and discovered the transformative potential of butoh dance.

Her dedication to authentic storytelling shines through in her acclaimed production, “Crocodile,” which fearlessly tackles themes of political repression and liberty. Now, as an independent theatre producer and actress, she views our residency as a platform for further artistic exploration and integration into the European theatre scene.

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