Puszcza Białowieska /  curated by Volha Arkhipava



Tomorrow at 18:00, the exhibition ‘Puszcza Białowieska,’ curated by Volha Arkhipava, a PerspAKTIV resident at @uap_uczelnia, will open at Duża Scena UAP Gallery in Poznań.

We invite everyone to the opening and are also excited to share more about Volha:

Volha is a distinguished art critic and culturologist. Born in Postavy, Belarus, Volha has been a driving force in the art world, weaving her magic from her early studies in Cultural Studies at the Belarusian State University of Culture to her profound impact at the National Art Museum of the Republic of Belarus. At the museum, Volha curated over 50 exceptional projects, from thematic to personal exhibitions, shedding light on Belarusian art of the 20th and 21st centuries. Her expertise extends to art associations in Belarus, the Belarusian avant-garde of the 1980s–1990s, and Belarusian abstract art.

Volha is also a prolific writer, contributing to significant publications, including “One Hundred Years of the Belarusian Avant-Garde” and “The Art of Postmodernism.” She’s celebrated for her work on the acclaimed “The Universe of Yazep Drazdovich” project. Some of her notable curatorial projects include exhibitions like “The Fate of the Artist,” “The Universe of Yazep Drazdovich,” and “One Hundred Years of Belarusian Avant-Garde.”

This event is the result of the residency, realized within the frames of the PerspAKTIV Project. PerspAKTIV is implemented by RAZAM, Ambasada Kultury, and Galeria miejska Arsenal, Poznan, with the financial support of the German Federal Foreign Office.

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