Yana Alekseenko in PerspAKTIV


Instytut Grotowskiego, Wrocław, Poland

We’re thrilled to introduce Yana Alekseenko as the newest addition to the PerspAKTIV residency program at Instytut Grotowskiego.

About Yana:

Yana Alekseenko is a theater and film director. She graduated from the Belarusian State University of Culture and Arts in Minsk. With a focus on Directing and extensive experience as a lecturer and organizer in theater, Yana brings a depth of knowledge and creativity.

Her portfolio features a variety of captivating productions across Poland and Belarus, including notable works like “Courage” by B. Brecht (7 FLOR, Minsk 2021) and “Pippi – Pończoszanka” by A. Lindgren (Minsk, 2018). Yana’s cinematic endeavors, such as “Cud” (2023) and “Dwór” (Short film, 2021), further showcase her talent and engagement.

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